Transforming Garage into a Living Space

While to many, living in a four walled space is not at all ideal, to some people it is actually convenient and a lot cheaper. Depending on the type of family you have, you can actually live in a small space. Rent out your home and live in a small space seems to be a growing trend to many couples on their way to retiring age, or for couples starting out a new life.

The garage is perhaps an easy to convert space if you just want a small space and earn something extra from the main house. Fixing the garage can be a project that is both exciting and challenging. Getting professional help from garage door repairs Luton is an ideal option but more couples prefer to do it themselves.

Meet people who transformed the garage into a tiny living space

  1. Portland. These couple in Portland literally made a surprising transformation of their garage into now what they call their home and their sanctuary. Watch the video at how awesome the transformation had become.

  1. Bordeaux, France. Jeremie of France got some help to transform an old garage into a home. The garage was sold for a very cheap price. Jeremie took the chance and with great help, the garage is such a great work of art

  1. California. Garage turned into a tiny living space to rent out the main house. It is such a practical decision for a man who settled back to California, looking for a home and saving a little. The rent pays out his mortgage and the rest is actually something extra.

  1. Calla gives us a tour of their family garage turned her new home with fiance and child. Take a look at how the transformation went which is pretty cool.

  1. Garage Apartment made to sustain aging parents. It’s a great idea for an income. Aging parents really need an extra income to sustain their retirement needs. While pension is enough, an extra room to rent out can solve some financial worries.