Methods to Remove Color from Steel Handles

Would you end up within the sadly scenario of getting door handles which have been painted over? Taping off a joint whenever you paint a door isn’t difficult to do. You can buy pre-cut painter’s recording to cover handles, so there’s actually no reason except laziness.

painted hinges

For instance, begin with all of the top handles. Take them off and clean the color from those handles. Subsequently re install all of the top handles and take away the middle handles next. It took me a day’s greater element, but ultimately all our handles were bright and gorgeous again.

There are four-ways to get rid of paint from hinges. Three of these include temperature, the next involves utilizing a chemical stripper.

Paint Stripper:

This can be a great way to get rid of color from larger items. Especially people that can’t be place in a crock or pot pot. But, it’ll also focus on smaller things like door handles.

Heat Gun

You’ll have to prep the region underneath to prevent burning anything. A bit of sheetmetal along with cement, tile or scrap plywood must be sufficient.

Boiling Water:

Complete the pot with water and set it about the range on high temperature. Set within the container and steam for half hour. Raise out the handles with tongs while you clean and use gloves and fan all of the color off. This movie provides you with advisable for just how to eliminate color from handles utilizing the boiling water method.


Much Like cooking the handles in water, you transform it on large, are able to set the handles in a crock pot and allow them make overnight. Each morning make use of the same actions just like the boiling water. Don’t prepare the food within this crockpot.