Making A Small Room Appear Bigger


Do you have a small room? A small room is not ideal but if that’s all you have, you can make the most of it by a simple organization and a little paint. This simple home improvement will not cost much. It will just require patience and a little hard work.

Organizing a small room

Simple organization frees up a lot of space especially in a small room.

Neat, tidy, and organized always do the trick. 

  • Sort things. Trash or give away stuff that you no longer need. Sort out items in your room. Bring out those that belongs to the garbage bin, box those that you want to sell, donate, or just give away.
  • Replace big with small. If you have a big bed, replace it with a smaller one. Big TV goes out, smaller TV goes in. If you have big stereos, replace it with an ipod with a mini speaker or quality headphones from OnTheSpeakers.
  • Clean bed. Keep the bed clean and free from too many pillows. Clean and free bed allows more space in an already small room.
  • Clean walls. Keep the walls free from too many posters and ornaments.

What colors should you pick for a small room?

Small rooms can appear bigger when you choose the right color.

Light colors are the best choice to help make a room look bigger and open.

  • White is the best choice. It is in harmony with other colors and it works best as a backdrop. If you don’t want a room that’s painted in all white, you can choose to blend white with other pastel colors. The right combination of light colors will bring make the room more vivid and fun.
  • Yellow or Orange. Add in some flavor. Use citrus color in the room. Not too many of the yellow and orange stuff but just a few to bring in a little accent.
  • Shades of Blue. Bringing in the color of the ocean is a good trick to blend in with white. White and blue carpets, or blue sheets are just great especially when natural light enters the room.