Is living in tiny homes really ideal for you?

mobile-home-1539082_960_720Tiny homes have become a trend in recent years. Many couples have taken that big step moving from big to small. The principle of living in a tiny home seems ideal but is it really worth the sacrifice?

We can make instant decisions drawn by like without really thinking smart about the consequences. To help us decide if tiny homes are really ideal, let’s find out from the people who have already made the choice and moved in.

Let’s take a peek into tiny home living.

  • The space. From 1000-sq foot to 130-sq foot space, the move is overwhelming having to give up so many in exchange of too little. While this is ideal for single men and women, having a tiny space of 130 square foot is not ideal for couples, especially if they are on the family way.
  • The responsibility. While living in tiny homes promise less responsibility, truth is you will have more responsibility and limited freedom when it comes to access to lands. When you move from one place to the other, you will find yourself high up on bigger bills on maintenance and energy costs.
  • Having less stuff. Having lesser stuff is one promise that’s easy to tell. But we are people with more needs and thus require more stuff. Housing it in a tiny house can be impossible especially if you are on the family way.  You will need baby stuff, baby proofing stuff, and more room to accommodate the newest member of the family.

Hear it from people who tried living in a tiny home

Reputation management authorities such as New York Reputation Management have done a great job in building tiny homes’ online reputation. It is perhaps this factor that made many couples decide to move or start from a tiny home living.

While to others, living in a tiny home could be ideal, it really depends on what your needs (or your needs as family) require. So before even dumping the big old house for a tiny modern home, you will have to have a check list in order of prioritization.

Here’s a good check list to help you decide on getting a tiny home.

  1. Are you ready to live in a small space?
  2. Are you able to live with lesser stuff?
  3. Are you single, married, or a couple at the retirement stage?
  4. What’s your main reason to live in a tiny home?
  5. Do you have issues with your present home?

These simple questions will help you get a firm decision. If you have minor issues with your present home, then you can make it a livelier place to live in like spending some time renovating the place.

If you have no issues with your present home, then there’s not really a reason to leave the big house and go for the tiny home. You can however have a tiny home for vacationing purposes or for just a few adventures on the road.