Simple Home Fixes That You Can Do Yourself


Your home is among the most valuable possessions you’ll ever have. Therefore it is important to keep up with maintenance and minor repairs in the household to keep the house clean and functional.

We all know that maintaining a house is quite expensive – cleaning, remodeling, repainting, and even minor repairs. That is why many homeowners would like to keep most of minor repairs to themselves to save money on repairs.

There are no shortcuts to repairing and maintaining a home.  People are even using mobile and online apps that help with this. However, there is no mobile app development company who has come up with an easy fix when it comes to home repairs. And although we have all the resources to learn the basics of repair, we have to put our hands on the real job to fix the problem.

Find the right resources to help you do minor repairs at home. Check out magazines, how-to videos, complete guide on how to fix things without spending a dime on a repair man.

Everyday is a learning day. When the sink is clogged, we learn to unclog it. When light switch needs repair, we learn to fix it. When the walls need repainting, we learn to paint – All these learning in the name of keeping a healthy home.

Watch this video for common home repairs you must learn

Common home repairs you can do on your own

  • Clogged sink. Remove the P-trap to clear it from anything that causes blockage. If clearing the P trap does not do the job, use a chemical drain cleaner.
  • Leaky faucet: Replace the faucet. More often than not, leaky faucet is caused by lose thread. But before replacing the faucet, you may want to replace the washer first and then add a Teflon tape to tighten the thread.
  • Grout Tile. Grouting tiles in the kitchen or the bathroom is easily done – that is if you spare some time on a weekend. Grouting tiles is easy to do and is not really some rocket science.
  • Hanging Curtain. Whether it hanging shower curtains or window curtains, you can easily install a curtain rod in the place you want.
  • Painting. Painting the wall, the ceiling, or the furniture can be done by you. This is also a good time to bond with your family as they can help to finish the work.