Discover Simple Ways To Organize Your Closet

wire shelving
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The closet is one of the busiest parts of a bedroom. It’s always full and cluttered. Keeping it organized doesn’t last a day especially for closets with poor lighting. Improve your closet with this very simple idea and will cost you only around $100.

Introducing the wire shelving system

These types of shelving are not costly. It is very easy to install that it will take you only minutes to set up. The whole package is designed for quick and easy installation. Putting down the old closet boards is perhaps the most time consuming in this project rather than the installation part.

Having a wire shelving system in place creates more space in the closet plus it makes cleaning easy and simple too.

With the wire shelving system, all hooks, wires, and materials are hanging on the wall and suspended from the floor which makes cleaning a lot more easy especially at the closet floors.

Installing the Wire Shelves

  • Buy a complete set of wire shelving from DIY shop and home centers. Basic kits come complete with accessories and clothes rod.
  • Prepare the tools you are going to use. You will need a drill, level, and hacksaw to install the wiring shelves.
  • Measure the dimensions you want. You can customize your own unique closet or start by installing the frame and add in the shelves last depending on the style you prefer.
  • Get planning guides from a manufacturer’s website. You can usually find their links from social media sites. Use an alive link checker to filter links that are working.
  • Use a masking tape to draw out the style you wish to follow at the back of your closet
  • Your kit should have anchors to connect the rack on a dry wall. If there’s an excess rack, you can cut it out with a hacksaw.
  • Start putting together other components such as baskets, belt racks, and other storage options.

Watch this video for a more visual guide in setting up wire shelves

This modern design is great for anyone wanting to organize their stuff. It makes a small room more spacious plus it looks neat to anyone’s keen eyes.